Connectours is part of the WHL Group, and is the latest product / service in a long history of products for tourism service providers. We started way back in 2002 building portals to market accommodations and tours (with whl.travel) and evolved in 2009 to building successful and highly focussed B2C portals to market day tours (Urban Adventures) and transfers (Green Path Transfers).

Our next step in the journey to e-enable tourism providers was Hotel Link Solutions launched in late 2012. Hotel Link Solutions provides responsive websites, booking engine, channel manager and reputation manager tools for accommodation providers …and in its short history has become one of the largest providers globally, operating in over 40 countries today. Helping our clients with SEO, SEM and Social marketing led to the launch of Digital Rhinos, and now, completing the product / service portfolio, is Connectours. 

So, whilst Connectours is a new offering, we can say very confidently that there are very few companies in this space with the breadth and depth of technical and industry knowledge and connections to partner with you in the online space.

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